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20" Extender Cable
.5 extender cable
40" Extender Cable
1m long extender
Power Switch
power switch 
Power Supply
power supply 
All of these accessories have universal plugs and jacks to interface with each other in any combitation you'd like.

The 20" extender cable is intended to give some seperation between the light and power switch. A convenient distance for the user to reach for turning the light On and Off.

The 40" extender cable is to add a little more length if the 20" extender and 59" length from the power supply is just not enough.

Rocker power switch allows for turning light On and Off without unplugging cord from light.

Power supply to power lights.
     20" Extender Cable   $4.00    
     40" Extender Cable   $6.00    
     Inline Power Switch  $6.00    
     Power Supply           $16.00   
For sales outside the USA, please contact me directly to make arrangments.
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