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Testimonials from Customers

 David Sanborn 1.jpg
"This is an invaluable tool for me, I don't go on the road without it!"
David Sanborn

Frans Philippens 1 Frans Philippens 2
Photos courtesy of Frans Philippens - Adams Music, Netherlands.

"I really love working with the lights! Best I've used in 19 years of fixin'!"
Mark Pyenta - Romulus, MI

"We`ve never been so happy before with a leak light! I love to work with it. I used it for general overhauls on saxes (kangaroo pads), flutes (w/ Straubinger pads), bass-, alto-, contra bass-and contra alto clarinets with all different kinds of leather. It works PERFECT on bassoons too! You should sell it to every pro shop! We bought 3 - one for each of our woodwind techs. You can`t believe how happy we are with these lights! They are so much better - now we can see EVERYTHING! They are super bright and we love the red color - much easier on our eyes."
Frans Philippens, Adams Music - Netherlands

"Wow, I just tried out the new Thomas Music leak light. I totally love this light and find it INVALUABLE on all saxes, especially ones with black Roo pads. There is no leak light like it."
Mike Nye -Tempe, AZ

"I have found the red orange light to be easier to pin point leaks when using it in a bright workspace since you can differentiate between the white of the ambient light and the red of the leak light much easier.. I don't have to use a curtain and keep switching off the lights anymore."
Gerry Evoniuk, Desert Winds Music Inc. - Arizona..

"I really wanted this light, because I had the same one at my last job
in North Carolina and loved it."
Chris  Humphrey , Band Repair Tech.

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